High Quality Strong Plastic Crusher Machine

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Grinder machine / Crusher machine is important recycling plastic machines in plastic recycling.

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Plastic crusher machine mainly consists of motor, rotary shaft, moving knives, fixed knives, screen mesh, frame, body and discharging door. Fixed knives are installed on the frame, and equipped with a plastic rebound device. Rotary shaft is embedded in thirty removable blades, when using blunt can be removed to separate grinding, rotate to be helical cutting edge. So the blade has long life, stable work and strong crushing capacity. Sometimes when equipped with a winding conveying device, the discharging system could be much convenient and realize bagging automatically. Plastic grinder machine / plastic crusher machine is crush plastic bottles, plastic films, bags, fishing nets, fabrics etc. Raw material will be crushed into 10mm-35mm (customized) with different sizes of screen meshes.



1. Crusher machine can choose different blade and shaft structure to meet different material. Crushed material is very small, could be directly used for pelletizing or other recycling;
2. Motor and shaft is directly connected by belt, ensuing high rotating speed and efficiency;
3. Whole machine is an integrated sealing structure, fame is specially processed, can effectively reduce vibration and noise during production.

Technical Data

Model BX400 BX500 BX600 BX700 BX800 BX900 BX1000
Motor power (kW) 7.5 11 15 22 30 37 45
Fixed blade qty. (pcs) 2 2 4 4 4 4 4
Moving blade qty. (pcs) 5 15 18 21 24 27 30
Capacity (kg/h) 100-150 200-250 300-350 450-500 600-700 700-800 800-900
Feeding mouth (mm) 450*350 550*450 650*450 750*500 850*600 950*700 1050*800

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